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Captain Plasma
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Echogenetic could have used more complex songwriting, but i adore this album for what it is. Nothing sounds as cybernetic (well, aside from some other FLA albums). The use of brostep ended up quite effective for me, especially these carpet bombing wubbs on Killing Grounds, that was a smart take on the genre’s tropes. Deadened feels like Skynet is enslaving the Earth in real time, makes me wet. Lyrically it trenches at themes of PTSD, war, police state oppression and even some trashuman sort of drama. At the core it’s minimalistic, but each bleep-bloop counts. The opener is good at showcasing the tech. On Prototype i smell a process of manufacturing cyborgs. FLA are tailor-made for this approach. Although Die Sektor with it’s (-)existence is way better at brostep-industrial. Nevertheless, i even prefer Echogenetic over FLAvour of the Weak and Artificial Soldier, maybe due to me being too much of Tactical Neutal Implant worshipper, pulls the right buttons for me.