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For me “Echogenetic” / “Echoes” and the “Airmech” soundtracks were a fantastic era for FLA. These albums are extremely creative and inspiring.

What came after was a disappointment. Once Rhys took over, FLA became formulaic, repetitive and totally dispensable. I’m just fed up with these numbing techno tracks. They lack the orchestral quality of “Implode” or the intricate arrangements of “Echogenetic”. It’s mono-expressive techno music, void of strong melodies and contrast (the first 10 seconds often sound exactly like the last 10 seconds). Whether these tracks are labelled “Noise Unit”, “FLA” or “Rhys Fulber”, they all sound the same. Like vinnie245 said, nothing stands out on “Mechanical Soul”. While listening to it, I was either bored or annoyed.

I wish Leeb would focus on creating ONE strong album. There’s enough ingredients in the last 3 releases (“Mechanical Soul”, “Deviator” and “Cheeba…”) to create a SINGLE excellent album, to the level of “Echogenic”. Some sort of Best Of / Redux would be welcome actually.

Anyway, I’m glad Leeb is still active and productive at his age (beyond 60).