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    “Since it’s initial release in 1992 Tactical Neural Implant by Front Line Assembly remains a cult classic record in EBM style of post-industrial music and for good reason. It’s the crème de la crème of cyberpunk stories of old with atmosphere so thick you feel like drowning in Icelandic waters. Jam-packed with instantly recognizable synth melodies reinforced by ultra heavy beats, it’s sparks your imagination with dense samples of urban warfare noises, cybernetic bleeps-bloops and interpretation-laden lyrics which, in the classic FLA fashion, lures you into living-breathing future-gloom world with an under-current of optimism or naivety, because that’s what’s true cyberpunk meant to be, right? Our humble duo of rivetheads consisting of Jack Bauer a.k.a TRiDENT (montage, the movie pick and all the editing fuzz) and MuDDy_BlooDy a.k.a. Captain Plasma (some ideas for montage, audio guidance, soundtrack picks, idiotic description) pays hommage to this ARTifact by using one of it’s heavy-hitters – The Blade. We chose this song, because it depicts a kind of cyber-ghetto environment which is basically the only thing this movie is excels at. Since this track is so ICONIC we felt like using it’s remixes from the eponymous european single (namely, Technohead, Worldwide Mix and the Blindfold one) would be more impacting that way. This is “Split Second – The Blade | Front Line Assembly” and our FINAL thank you to the Vancouver’s finest.

    P.S.: If you consider spreading the word-of-mouth/reposting it in social networks thanks in advance. Your support is valued.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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