Total Terror Part II

Simulant Combat

1:14, 1.20 “You have twenty seconds to comply.”


0:21-1:58 Woman and man conversing
1989 San Quentin interview with Charles Manson

Initial Command

The State

0:48 “This is what America needs.”
Griswold, Farrell



0:00 “[song] …the Valley of Death be upon you…”
Manson Family

Dark Dreams

0:02 “…in the name of Jesus.”
Griswold, Farrell

0:04 “…against oppression.”
Introducing Moamar Khadafy.
Louis Farrakhan

State of Mind

No Tommorrow

0:00 “She’s not my mother.”
Evil Dead 2

0:11 “We are the things that were and shall be again.”
Evil Dead 2

0:25 “Dead by dawn.”
Evil Dead 2

0:47 “Let me out.”
Evil Dead 2

1:01 “What are you doing? Help us.”
Evil Dead 2

1:31 “You fucking coward.”
Evil Dead 2

Digital Tension Dementia

Big Money (Remix)

3:08-3:38 groans of “oh, right there”
Cybergirl Pinball game

0:49 “Yet (as?) the threat of war is ever more remote.”
Similar to Jesse Jackson pirates in Disco Rigido, Die Warzau.
Jackson, Jesse

0:54 “What is the moral challenge of our day?”
Similar to Jesse Jackson pirates in Disco Rigido, Die Warzau.
Jackson, Jesse

1:35 “You are seeing what is actually occurring.”
Prince of Darkness

Gashed Senses and Crossfire

No Limit

0:00 [gunfire]
The Hidden

0:08 “Back against the wall, now!”
The Hidden


0:00 “Red three six, this is red three six Charlie, over. This is read three six, over. Roger, we are taking automatic weapons fire from our right flank.”
Hamburger Hill

0:59 “Dear God, what is it you will have me do?”
The Unholy


0:13 “What do you believe?”
The Unholy

0:19 “…some kind of sacrifice.”
The Unholy

0:33 Bell and “You haven’t got a prayer.”
The Unholy (trailer)

Digital Tension Dementia

3:14 “The charges aren’t justified.”
Apocalypse Now

No Limit

Lethal Compound (Harmful if Swallowed Mix)

0:19 “I want to hear you scream.”
Serpent and the Rainbow

0:26 “I want to hear you scream again.”
Serpent and the Rainbow

0:30 [scream]
Serpent and the Rainbow

0:34 “Not good enough.”
Serpent and the Rainbow

Caustic Grip


0:16 “wooo” sound effect

0:20 “Bioreadouts are all in the green, looks like she’s alive”

2:37 “You’re goin’ down.”
Evil Dead 2


0:00, 0:03, 0:07, 0:10, 0:13, 0:17, 0:20, 0:24, 0:51 “Please help me!”
0:28, 0:35, 4:59 “Hostage is unguarded. One hostage dead.”
0:31, 0:37, 0:43, 5:02 Gunfire, screaming
0:33, 0:39, 0:45, 5:04 “Two terrorists dead.”
0:49 “???”

0:57, etc. screaming
The Entity (Barbara Hershey)

1:01 “I’d like to know what the diagnosis was.”
The Entity (Jacqueline Brookes)

1:05 “Some sort of electrical discharge.”
The Entity (Jacqueline Brookes)

1:17, 1:19 moaning
The Entity (Barbara Hershey)

4:56 “???”


0:03 “The first jolt of electricity was sent through his body at”
0:16 “The first jolt of electricity”
0:18 “a ghastly plume of smoke that rose from her head”
2:54 “she was given more electricity”
2:56 “a ghastly plume of smoke that rose from her head”
3:00 “when it appeared that she had received enough electricity to kill an ordinary person”
3:06 “the doctors went over and pulled down the cheap prison [dress]”
3:10 “she was given more electricity”
3:12 “a ghastly plume of smoke that rose from her head”
3:16 “when it appeared that she had received enough electricity to kill an ordinary person”
3:22 “the doctors went over and pulled down the cheap prison [dress]”
4:53 “when it appeared that she had received enough electricity to kill an ordinary person”
5:09 “when it appeared that she had received enough electricity to kill an ordinary person”
5:17 “The first jolt of electricity was sent through his body at”
Excerpts from archival footage of Bob Considine describing the execution of the Rosenbergs. Used in the movie “The Atomic Cafe.”


0:24 “We can’t take prisoners. You know that.”
Das Boot

3:18-3:21 “If he kept on beating on him and holding him down it would be a different story.”
Cops TV show.


3:36 “Our object is not aggression. We need not become militaristic.”
3:51 “It’s not safe to hope for the best without preparing for the worst.”
Brief 1950s anti-communist propaganda film, which can be viewed at this link:

Force Fed

0.04 “In this world that you have entered, things are rarely as they seem…” – John Hurt
The Osterman Weekend.

Mental Distortion

0.30 Screaming

0.49 Scratching
“Bullet from a Gun”
Derek B.

The Chair

0.00 “The chair is armed. I repeat, the chair is armed.”
Wes Craven’s Shocker

0:40 “Come back in here… Come back in here… You’ll never turn the TV on, boy. I’ll be there. I’ll be there waiting for you…”
Wes Craven’s Shocker

Tactical Neural Implant

Final Impact

4:17, 4:21 “serious trouble, sir, so many dead and wounded”
Robocop 2

The Blade

0:25 “Stick ’em up motherfucker, this is a hold up.”
Originally from a speech given by Huey Newton about
marching on Washington with an armed black milita at a Blank
Panther rally circa 1986.

“Devil Made me Do It”
Paris, “Sleeping with the enemy”


0:27 “They program you and you do it.”
Robocop 2

2:37, 4:02, 4:04 “ahhhh-eee”
Robocop 2


0:08 “The killer drove an ingot into each of his eyes, then cut off his head.”
Excorcist III


0:00 [?]
“Cries and Whispers”
New Order

1:19 “minimal life support”
Robocop 2

1:25 “Keeping the brain going with microshocks.”
Robocop 2

3:43 “I believe in disease.”
Excorcist III

3:47 “I believe in pain

3:50 “cruelty and infidelity”
Excorcist III

4:49 “every possible ugliness and corruption.”
Excorcist III


0:09 [hip hop beat with “huh,” about 2 seconds, but repeated throughout song]
“Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em,” which in turn incorporates a pirate of James Brown.
Erik B and Rakim

0:44 “[I don’t think Miggs can come again so soon] even though he’s crazy. Go now.”
Silence of the Lambs

1:02 Phrases “abusive and reclusive,” “a view so cruel,” and “on the fringe.”
Skinny Puppy, “Worlock”


0:27 “The human hearts that I have taken into Hell.”
Excorcist III

1:52 “Frontline”
PBS TV program Frontline.

1:24 “Mayday”
Moon 44

1:32, 5:15 whirring sound effect
Robocop 2

3:56 “Do you read me? We’ll all be killed!”
Moon 44

1:36 “I mean if you hit somebody over no provocation. I mean when you, when, when… I didn’t say nothing to the man. I didn’t pull out no gun and tell him that I’m goin’ to do this to him–shoot him–never had words with the man before and he just shoots at you. That’s a prettry radical group right there if you ask me.”
Geraldo, White Supremists/Skinheads episode

3:57 “One who moves.”
Excorcist III

5:06 “Corrupter of justice and innocence and youth.”
Excorcist III

6:01 “Sworn enemy of all the human race.”
Excorcist III

The Blade

The Blade (Technohead)

0:00 “I don’t think that the real violence has even started yet.”
White Supremists/Skinheads episode

0:07 “Any means necessary for survival.”
Malcolm X

1:45 [Melody]
Can You Move It?
Intermix/Phaze Two


0:00 “By the perception of illusion we experience reality.”
Brain Dead

Laughing Pain

0:00 “Had a bad childhood? We can fix it. Re-sculpt your memory, shorten your perception of sign. Why not?”
Brain Dead

0:19 “Oh God. [moaning]”
Brain Dead

The Blade

Guitar Loop
Slayer’s “Skeletons of Soceity”
Season in the Abyss


1.00+ Percussion Loop
Meat Beat Manifesto “God O.D.”
_Storm the Studio_

2.43 “It’s a hundred and nine degrees…”
Predator 2

3.26 “Fuck This! Get me outta here!”
Predator 2

3.43 “You’re in a warzone…deadly crossfire”
Predator 2

??:?? “Christ, what a place. Somebody ought to help these people.”


3.43 “The doctor managed to reset her jaw”
Silence of the Lambs

0.00 Beeping sounds, footsteps
Silence of the Lambs

??:?? Percussion Loop
“Gripped by Fear” Rico Conning remix
Front 242


Mindphaser (12″ version)

0:00 “Jesus had days like this.”
Robocop 2

0:24 “Cyborgs…Cybernetic Organisms…We use living human tissue.”
Robocop 2

1:32 Phrase “Digital murder, the language of machines”
“The Hacker”
Clock DVA

2:47 “A quantum leap forward”
Robocop 2

3:08, 3:18, 5:19, 5:21, 5:23, 5:25 “ahhhh-eee”
Robocop 2

3:24 “OCP pioneered cyborg technology”
Robocop 2

3:28 “State of the art destructive capabilities”
Robocop 2

3:32 “Commanded by a unique combination of software and organic systems”
Robocop 2

3:47 “hounded and attacked like a criminal”
Robocop 2

3:55 “urban pacification”
Robocop 2


0:00 “Where am I? Am I dreaming or is this death? I’m dead, I think.”
Brain Dead

4:25 “Where are we? We’re in my brain.”
Brain Dead

4:53 “You could call it the kinder, gentler lobotomy.”
Brain Dead

5:59 “Just another dream. Oh, thank God.”
Brain Dead


0:00 “Sometimes we have thoughts that are so frightening we can’t even admit to ourselves that we have them.”
Brain Dead

0:24 “Did I torment you, did I perhaps even kill your loved ones? Yes you did.”
Brain Dead



0:00 [sound effects]
Falling Down

0:31 “We are not the same: I’m an American, you’re a sick asshole.”
Falling Down

0:51 “It feels good to exercise your rights, doesn’t it? [gunshot] [scream] [gunshot].”
Falling Down

1.10 “more machine than human”

3:47 “Understanding the human mind.”

4:16-4:19 “Maximum Overdrive”
Elektric Music

5:59 “Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me, come on.”
Falling Down

End of song, fading into Millennium strings, moans and FX
Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth


0:42 [guitar loop, repeated ad nauseam]
Pantera, “A New Level”

1:39 “[army style] Port arms. Yes sir.”
Full Metal Jacket

2:50 “[army style] Port arms. It is a hard heart that kills.”
Full Metal Jacket

3:05 guitar, scratching, and weird rhythm (not the hard, repetitive guitar but actually the sound behind it)
Depeche Mode, “Get Right With Me”

5:13 “Everybody stay out of my way and nobody will get hurt.” “Fuck you.”
Falling Down

Liquid Separation

0:00 “…we’re interrupting our usual programming because there’s been some kind of catastrophe downtown that we want to tell you about. There are crowds all around us, police all around us..” Also, additional sounds and FX for about a minute
Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth

3:01 “And it’s sound is like razors through flesh.”
Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth

Search and Destroy

??:?? [weird phasey voice loop]
Coil, “Nasa-Arab”

0:00 [Rumbling bassy noise]
Alien III

0:29 [high pitched squeal]
Front 242, “Religion (Pussy Whipped Mix)”

0:37 [alarm]
Alien III

3:49 [angelic singing]
Alien III

Surface Patterns

0.00, 0.05, 0.09, 0.14 Orchestra and choirs
Army of Darkness

0.18 mechanical sounds, crunching and gurgling
Army of Darkness

0.30 “whoah!”
Army of Darkness

??:?? [guitar riff]
Pantera, “Walk”

0:00 [guitar riff]
Metallica, “Dont Tread On Me”

2:55 “Down the dark decades of your pain, this will seem like a memory of heaven”
Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

3:26 [screams]
Alien III

5.33 Gun Blast and Scratching sound
Army of Darkness

Victim of a Criminal

??:?? [guitar riff]
Sepultura, “Dead Embryonic Cells”

0:00 [beeping alarm, sigh of relief, looped laugh]
The Abyss

Division of Mind

0:00 [helicopter and police siren]
Falling Down

0:43 [scream]
Evil Dead 2

0:45 “The Book awoke something dark in [the woods]…”
Army of Darkness

??:?? [guitar]
Pantera, “A New Level”

2:52 “Fuck you and your freedom. Who the fuck are you?”
Falling Down

4:01 “Heat seeking, shoulder firing, fucking disposable.”
Falling Down

This Faith

0:00 “I’d rather be nothing.”
Alien III

3:31 “…fire in the cryogenics compartment.”
Alien III

Plasma Springs

0.00 banging and grunting
The Abyss

3:07 “Goddamit breathe”
The Abyss

3:29 “Right now!”
The Abyss

3:58 “Penetration beyond the veil of the of the flesh. Taste not of the plasma spring.”
The Fly

5:45 “[tape recorder rewinding] That would be just fine.”

Sex Offender

0:00 [atmosphere and screaming, two to three minutes long]
Fire in the Sky

3:14 [rhythm loop]
Tears for Fears, “Shout”

3:31 “Jesus Christ, what the fuck is your problem, man?”
Reservoir Dogs

4:13 “…but I’m going to torture you anyway.”
Reservoir Dogs

4:18 “…but all you can do is…pray for a quick death.”
Reservoir Dogs

4:28 “Don’t fucking do this. Don’t, please man, don’t…don’t burn me please [scream].”
Reservoir Dogs

5:12 “Asshole. I’m just gonna fucking blow you away right now.”
Reservoir Dogs

5:17 “You wanna fuck with me? I’ll show you who you’re fucking with.”
Reservoir Dogs

Millennium Single


0:00 “I’m a murderer [and rapist of women].”
Alien III

0:55 Guitar riff
Prong, “Another Wordly Device” (from the album Cleansing)

Looped choirs
Alien III

3:45 [ending with second “Burn in Hell”]
Kraftwerk, “Home Computer”

5.40 “Violation and abomination which will break the spiritual beauty”
Alien III

Hard Wired

Neologic Spasm

1:12 “Get on your knees…I said get on your fucking knees!”
1:19 “I know what the fuck I’m doing.” [scream.]
True Romance

4:20 “I’m giving you the power to make it all real.”
In the Mouth of Madness


0:43, 0:57, 1:44, 1:52, 4:15, 4:22, 4:30, 4:37 girl’s scream

3:31 bassline that starts around
Aphex Twin, “isopropanol”

3:15 “Every species can smell its own extinction. The last ones left won’t have a pretty time of it. The human race will just be a bedtime story for their children, a myth.”
In the Mouth of Madness


0.00-0.10 Grinding and banging, looped

0:47 [Odd , oriental sounding voices.]

1.03 Orchestra, bizarre voices and electrical sounds

1:14-1.21 “vn-vn-vn-vn” sound effect

3.47 droning, voices

4.08-4.16 beeping, wierd sound effects, voices


0.05 Looped strings

3.09 Man Yelling
Robert Heinlein’s The Puppet Masters

3.30 High pitched sqeals and bangs
Aphex Twin, “Isopropophlex”


0.00, 0.11, repeated Ominous Orchestra sounds, FX

0:50 “I’ll try and continue this emergency broadcast as long as we can hold out here. Umm. The city is almost completely deserted now, there are only a few stragglers left on the streets, no emergency services. The fires continue to burn out of control. This incredible epidemic of random mass killing has spread to every country in the civilized world. Every hour more people are becoming infected and being driven to senseless acts of extreme violence. And we have gotten reports, sketchy at best, of people mutating, their bodies swelling and distorting. Its impossible at this time to know how many uninfected people are left.”
In the Mouth of Madness

1:52 “You’ll find that there is life after death: a very painful life…”
No Escape

5.27-End “Life after death…”
No Escape

2.12-5.15 Droning sound, looped

2.35-2.57 Laughing
Romeo is Bleeding

3.24,3.28,3.49,3.59 “Human Garbage”
No Escape

Modus Operandi

0.00 Breathing and keyboard loop

0:14, 0:30 [sound effect]
Doom video game

0:50, 1:28, 1:38, 2:20 inhuman groans

continuous: “It’s madness.”
In the Mouth of Madness

Transparent Species

0.31-0.37 – (man suffering)
Romeo is Bleeding

4:06 “Who the fuck are you supposed to be, man?”
The Crow


0:00,0.29 [various background noise, computer bleeps, and atmospheric music]

0:04, 0:17, 0:32, 0:45, 0:53, 1:00 “Why am I pondering?”
The Puppet Masters

1:03-1.32 Drum Beat
Aphex Twin, “Dodeccaheedron”

1:53-1.58 “Send in a probe.”, Sound FX

2.18-2.20 “Everything you try to hide from yourself”
The Puppet Masters


0:35 Electric Sounds and grunting
Lethal Weapon

0:52 “You are condemned: either except it or die.”
No Escape

3:50 “Take human garbage from around the world and reprocess it.”
No Escape

4:00 “You’ll find that there is life after death: a very painful life.”
No Escape

4:09 “You are condemned.”
No Escape

InfraRed Combat

0.00-0.51 Droning, Sound FX, Orchestra, looped
0.41 Dull droning
0.55 Choir
1.44 Banging
1.57-2.09, 2.25-2.30, 2.47, 3.37 screeching, banging
2.34, 3.06 Screaming
5.45, 7.22 Screeching
8.38 Droning at end of song
Alien III

1.13 Acidic element of drum pattern, repeated whole song
Aphex Twin, Isopropophlex


Circuitry (Complexity Mix by Haujobb)

0.33 “EGR confirmed”


All Samples, In the Mouth of Madness
0.21-0.31 Swishing and sound effects growling
0.54 snarling
1.02-1.10 snarling
2.14 growling
3.03 swishing
4.18 snarling
4.22-4.30 horrible screeching and a man’s yell
3.36 “All those horrible slimy things trying to get back in”
5.18-end swishing and sound effects

Circuitry Part2

Destructive Transformation

Destructive Transformation is a re-working of the Intermix track “Fallout” from Phaze Two.

0:00 Synth drone sample loop (repeated throughout)
Recoil, “Bloodline”

0:03 “Welcome to my mind.”

0:52 “The mind is a labyrinth, ladies and gentlemen, a puzzle, and while the parts of the brain are plainly visible, its ways deceptively patterned, its destinations are unknown, its secrets still secrets.”
Hellbound:Hellraiser 2

1:49 “The corollary of violence is loneliness. Humanity shrinks from the violent man as if he were carrier of disease.”
Body Parts

1:55 “I never meant to harm anyone.”

3:56 “The Neural Link will be established in three stages”
Star Trek: The Next Generation

4:00 “pioneered cyborg technology.”

4:08,4:24 “State of the art destructive capabilities.”


0.33 Drone and strange wisping sounds



0:00 “Zero.”

0:17 “Reentry sequence is completed, launch bay alert is now terminated”

0:22 distorted scream

0:23,1:03,1:20,3:49, etc. faint scream sound effect
FLA, “Barcode” at 5.33

2:28 “I’m not insane. Do you hear me? I’m not insane!”
In the Mouth of Madness

3:33 female screams

4.08 “He Sees You…”
In the Mouth of Madness

6:28 beep, breathing
Pig, “Shell”

6:30 explosion and scream (pitched down)


0.08 Gasps of pain
0.17 Mechanical clanking noises

1.22 Explosions and whimpering cry
3.10 Clunk noise “help! please!”

Plasticity (Zero by Haujobb)

0:00 fragment of beat
Prodigy, “break and enter”

0:22, 3:22 “Fifty thousand volts, motherfucker”

2:28, 4:23 “Remove explosive bolts one through ten counterclockwise. Check. Removing bolt one…”
The Abyss

FLAvour of the Weak


0.00 faint voices and backgound noises
Hellraiser: Bloodline

1:30-2:23, 7:29-7:44 clicking drum loop
Underworld, “Pearl’s Girl”

2:36, 5:44 Drum fill
Chemical Brothers, “Get up on it like this”
Scratch Sound
Chemical Brothers, “(The Best Part Of) Breaking Up” off the “Loops Of Fury” EP

4:59 – 5:12 (sounds like the Predator’s rippling breathing followed by movie score of strings)


0.00 grinding sound followed by a beep
1.22, 4.34 noisy breakdowns
Chemical Brothers, “Setting Sun” break, pitched up

2.26 etc. Drumloop in refrain
Chemical Brothers, “Setting Sun”

1:25 “We’re just trying to make music that pisses people off”
6:21 “Shit, you know what I’m sayin'”
Rapper Easy-E, interview with Rap Group NWA

0.39-0.53, 3:53 – 4:33 pulsing synth fading in and out
Cyber-Tec “Let Your Body Die” (Birmingham 6 Convulsive Dance mix) / E.P.

0.42-1:18, 3:54-4:34 computer keyboard sounds
The Fly

Auto Erotic

0:00 Wind blowing and a dog barking
Clive Barker’s Lord Of Illusions

3:34 “I was born to murder the world”
Clive Barker’s Lord Of Illusions

Colombian Necktie

0:55-1:50 (repeats) fragment of a beat
Church of Extacy, “Church of Extacy”

0.56 (continues) fuzzy bass sound
Black Lung, “I have no mouth”

1.39 “I have my soul. I have my faith…What Do you have…”
The Prophecy

4:57 “Have You ever watched a man die? If you watch very closely you can sometimes see the soul escaping…”
Clive Barker’s Lord Of Illusions

Evil Playgroud

?.?? Swishy Drum Loop
Chemical Brothers, “Fuck Up Beats”


0:00 bassline, speeded up
Prodigy, “Poison”

1:08-2:20, 2:36-3:48, 4:36-5:08, 5:16-6:34 drum loop
Prodigy, “Their Law”

4:30 “He who summons the magic, commands the magic.”


0.00 Marching beats
Yello, “Bostitch”

0.12-0.17, repeated FX and screaming
Clive Barker’s Lord of Illusions

1.53 Drum loop (continues)
Prodigy, “Narayan”

4.43 “You`re only alive because I didn`t kill you”

“I’m setting the example, and what I’ve done will be puzzled over, dissected…”

?:?? “That’s life, isn’t it?”


0:57 Slow drum breakdown
Future Sound of London, “We Have Explosive”

1:04 Orchestral Chords, repeated throughout
Independence Day

2:55 “Guess that makes me public enemy number one!”
The Frighteners

2:06 Led Zeppelin break, repeated various times (2:55, 5:20, couple more)
Photek, “The Third Sequence”

1.11,2.05 jungle rhythm & monkey squeaks
Orbital, “Time Flies (Slow)”

4.29,5.15 Breathing Beat
Depeche Mode, “World in my Eyes”5.00 drumloop
Chemical Brothers, “Buzz Tracks”

5.45,5.51 Panning hiss sound
Nine Inch Nails, “Quake” Soundtrack

7.30 “Let me save at least one soul”
Hellraiser: Bloodline

Colombian Necktie


1.10 drumloop
CJ Bolland, “Pesticide”

1:41 “Release me”
Independence Day

4:00 “I know there is a lot we can learn from each other, if we can negotiate a truce.”
Independence Day

5:31 “Die, Die die (slower)”
Independence Day

6:56 “We can find a way to co-exist…”
Independence Day


0:44, 0:52,1:14, 1:22 “You now have the option to repent of your sins and be electrocuted on the premises.”
Escape from L.A.

“The city of sin, city of sodom……city of gommorah”
Escape from L.A.

2:02 continues Drum loop
Chemical Brothers “Block Rockin` Beats”

2:02-7:30 screeching (accompanies loop)
Daft Punk “Rollin’ & Scratchin'” _Homework_

2:56-3:39, 3:47-4:46, 6:32-7:30 Steady beat and two sirens
Daft Punk, “Rollin’ & Scratchin'”

Colombian Necktie (GOArge Mix)

0.00 Swirling and clattering, looped
Clive Barker’s Lord Of Illusions



0.00 Opening drums and lowering pitch synth
Independence Day

first jungle break is from photek “consciousness”

dark sliding techno sound during the “no escape” sample is a overused techstep sound. Goldie used it first in “terminator”

last jungle break is from goldie- “i’ll be there for you”

3:25-3:50 Repeating saw synth sound
AFX (Aphex Twin) , “Isopropophlex”

“Welcome to Oblivion” and “No Escape”
Hellraiser: Bloodline


Predator (Cease & Destroy Mix)

0:45 Intro breakdown drumbeat
Future Sound of London, “We Have Explosive”

0:53 Orchestral Chords, repeated throughout
Independence Day

?:?? “Reports are sketchy at best, but from all accounts, Los Angles, Washington and New York have been left in ruins”
Independence Day


Some samples are in the original mix (Zillo Comp.) only:

0:28 “The Unexplained disturbance, and the hysteria it is causing, are incredible.”
0:42-0:50 Dull rumbling and grating sound
Independence Day

1:11,1:46, 3:05, 5:14 sonic “wonw”‘s
Crystal Method, “More”

2:15, 3:33, 5:43 4/4 kick beat w/ scratch synth to match
Crystal Method, “More”

4.40-5.40 crashing snare
CJ Bolland, “Pesticide”

5.13-5.55 synth loop
CJ Bolland, “The analogue Theatre”

Life (Suck It Up Mix)

0.00 Beats and samples
Download, “Pleck”

Colombian Necktie (Loosed Lips Mix)

4:41-4:48 techno melody
4:48-5:15 techno beat
5:17-6:11 techno melody
aDuck, “Power”

?.?? “croaking” percussive samples
Quake Soundtrack

SadoMasochist (Abandoned mix by Velvet Acid Christ) (released on Septic Sampler)
All dialog samples in this mix are from Event Horizon



0.00-0.43 Sound FX
Future Sound Of London, “Interstat”

0.27-1.08,1.38-1.51,3.26-3.39,3.52-4.12 looped strings
Alien Resurrection

0.40-1.07 Sound FX
Future Sound Of London, “Vit”

3.34-3.47 3.55-4.01 High pitched loop
Aphex Twin, Ventolin


3.38-3.53 accelerated drum loop
Aphex Twin, “Wax The Nip”


0.00-0.41 looped orchestral music

0.25, 0.35 metro like sounds

0.23-0.43 Main Drum Beat
Future Sound of London, “Central Industrial”

1.09, 4.14 Synth Breakdown
Recoil, “The Defector”

1.53 “centers for disease control… Are we dealing with an epidemic?
“Whatever the carrier, we know its not the water”

6.15 flanged drum beat
Recoil, “The Defector”

Synthetic Forms

?.?? grinding, footsteps, ocean sound

?.?? orchestral and female choir samples
The Prophecy

0.36-1.02, 1.07, 1.12-1.28, rapid beeping sounds, orchestral strike
Event Horizon

2.41 looped orcehstra

2.59 Light orchestra hits
Jerry Goldsmith, “Alien” score

3.54, 7.10 “This place is a tomb”
Event Horizon

4.06 Sound effect, “Scanning for life readings…”
Event Horizon

4.48 wierd effected drum loop
Depeche Mode, “Dangerous”


1.46, 2.42 drumloop with screeching at the end
Fatboy Slim, “The Weekend starts Here”

1.57, 5.04, 5.27 blips, sqeaking, “Please try again”
Alien Resurrection

3.22, 3.33 “We’ve remade you, cloned you”
Alien Resurrection

Dont Trust Anyone

0.10-0.39 Metallic Drum loop

Autechre, “Cipater”

0.39-0.48 Phasing synth loop

Autechre, “Hub”

?.?? “thirty six states and three different countries…our victims never knew what was going to happen to them. i led proceedings of knifings…beatings..strangulations…and i participated in actual crucifictions on humans…all across the country it was people just like me… and we had set out to destroy one another”
Interview with Henry Lee Lucas

Unknown Dreams

0.59, 4.07 “dreamy-synth” sample
Massive Attack, “Mezzanine”

2.36, 4.46 guitar synth sound
Fatboy Slim, “Song for Lindy”

5.46-end, high frequenced feedback
Junkie XL, “Future In Computer Hell” fade out


0.03,3.26 Looped Bass sound
Massive Attack, “Man Next Door”

0.32,3.33 Looped drum beat
Massive Attack, “Man Next Door”

?.?? Breathing and footsteps
Hellraiser: Bloodline

Machine Slave

1.07 3.07, 5.55 beeping
Event Horizon

2.17,3.45 Breakbeat
Nine Inch Nails, “Perfect Drug”

2.18, 5.20 panned screaming
Event Horizon

2.28 “Man, Im getting some strange readings in here”
Event Horizon

2.32 2.39 Screaming
Event Horizon

4.08 “Its in your head… It’s just in your head” repeated
Event Horizon

4.43, 4.50 Orchestral hit
Event Horizon

6.40 Orchestral peak
Event Horizon

6.44 “God Help us” followed by dull thunder sound
Event Horizon

Silent Ceremony

1.16, 5.23 Drum breakdown
Future Sound of London, “We Have Explosive”

4.48 “uh” part of drum beat
Kraftwerk, “Tour de France”


Fatalist (remixed by Rhys Fulber)

0.05-0.15 elements of orchestral sample


0.00 High Frequency beeping
Junkie XL – Billy Club (Ending of album version)

0.03-0.13 atmospheric sounds
0.08 beeping
1.22 “Stand by for decompression in 25 Seconds…”
3.37-3.50 screaming and yelling
4.05, 4.11 ” a dimension of pure chaos…. pure evil”
Event Horizon

3.16 “follow the path… do not deviate”
Alien: Ressurection

0.13-1.13 3.23- bizzare phasing analog sound
Velvet Acid Christ, “Decypher”

Cryogenic Studios 2


0.00 explosion
Prodigy, “Firestarter (Empirion Mix)”

0:26-0:38, 1:03-1:10 drum loop
Autechre, Second Bad Vilbel

1.12 high beeping tone
Eskimos & Egypt “Born Again”


Dead Planet

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker seems to be very present on this track. It appears to me that the whole track is underlayed with various beats sampled off Windowlicker. The most present one is the one in the break at 2.33…”

Everything must Perish

0.44 Drumloop
Jennifer Lopez – Dunno what track it is, might not be true eh


0.?? Ambient music at beginning
Contact (the part where Jodie Foster is walking into the spacecraft on the catwalk)



1:48 / 2:40 / 3:12 / 3:37 background strings
3:18 / 4:34 / 5:03 strings (violins…) chorus melody
6:11 strings
Antonio Vivaldi – Four Seasons (Op. , No.2 (G minor) “Summer”, Allegro non molto.


0.00 / +.++ female voice sample
BBC news report about Ingmar Bergman with text spoken by his former wife, actress Liv Ullmann.

Improvised Electronic Device


0:22 (distorted) & 7:26 (clear)
“Lay down, relax and breathe deeply. The cryogenic protection pod is designed to put you into a deep sleep for… The duration of your three-day return journey back to Earth. As you begin to feel sleepy, think about the magnificent job that you’ve done. And how proud your family are of what you’ve accomplished. Lunar Industries remains the #1 provider of clean energy worldwide… Due to the hard work of people like you. Safe trip, annyeong-hi kyeseyo and goodbye.”
Technical computer from the film Moon (2009)



0:15 (repeated), 6:27 (repeated) “What do I remember?”
Repo Men (2010)